Opportunities for Collaboration

Leading Demonstration Projects

The Coalition will incubate the projects using a proven approach developed by the CEO-led chemical industry initiative, incubated by the World Economic Forum:

The R&D Hub for Plastic Waste Processing

This will focus on developing new technologies for waste processing with a lower CO2 footprint and greater levels of plastic waste recycling. The private sector-driven project will address real-life technical challenges of waste processing and work on problems which the industry encounters when developing mechanical and chemical recycling routes for their products.

The electrically heated steam cracker furnace

This is a collaboration between Coalition member companies BASF and SABIC and engineering firm Linde. Construction of the three companies’ world first demonstration plant for large-scale electrically heated steam cracker furnaces is in full swing. By using electricity from renewable sources instead of natural gas, the new technology has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions of one of the most energy-intensive production processes in the chemical industry by at least 90% compared to technologies commonly used today. To support the development of the novel furnace technology, the project has been granted by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action under its “Decarbonization in Industry” funding program. The project is also being financed by the European Union through the “NextGenerationEU” fund.

The Global Impact Coalition are committed collaborators

Devoted to the transformation of the chemical industry, our members and our planet. We are future-focused and committed to enabling the industry to transition to a more sustainable future through our unparalleled shared expertise in low-carbon emitting technologies. To make a sustained impact across the value chain, we need to be part of the solution and shoulder the responsibility to prioritize products designed for circularity.


Utilizing our specialized community expertise and unwavering commitment to set the chemical industry on a path to net zero emissions by 2050. We believe the transformation towards climate neutrality is a must and we are focused on developing innovative solutions for the industry.


The hard work of the founding members during the last 3 years, next to a drive for innovation and growth and profound knowledge have resulted in a trustworthy relationship network among the participants.


The founding companies have proven their capability and willingness to invest in showcasing new technology blocks to decarbonize their operations at a relevant scale. Unlike these individual investments, the concept of the industrial network will create opportunities for collaborative implementation along the value chain, amplifying the impact.


We are transparent about our assessment and realistic with our targets. We are dedicated, focused, and moving forward with determination towards a sustainable future, working together with stakeholders internally and throughout the complete value chain.

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