About Us

The chemical industry is the cornerstone of the global economy

It provides essential materials, technologies and building blocks for 95% of all manufactured goods, from automotive, aeronautics and electronics, to pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food.

As a crucial part of almost all sectors, the chemical industry is currently responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and this is projected to grow. We are working to change that!

Who We Are

The Global Impact Coalition is a first of its kind collaboration of climate action champions in the chemical industry. We are supported by an expanding expert community of 70-plus senior chemical industry executives.

Together we are enabling a pathway to net-zero emissions by:

Addressing technology, regulatory, funding, and market challenges to decarbonization

Collaborating with and beyond the industry to increase the maturity of low-carbon emitting technologies

Developing real-life projects to transform traditional operating models in key value chains into net-zero production methodologies.

Our Objectives

Advance the development and upscaling of low-carbon emitting technologies for chemical production and related value chains

Accelerate the chemical industry’s journey towards net-zero emissions by 2050

Our Members

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