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Interview Of The Week:

Charlie Tan, Global Impact Coalition

Interview with The Innovator - Charlie Tan is Chief Executive Officer at the Global Impact Coalition (GIC), a spin-off from the World Economic Forum founded by some of the world’s largest petrochemical companies.

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CEO at Global Impact Coalition:

Enabling net-zero transformation through collaboration

Discover the journey towards net-zero emissions with the CEO of the Global Impact Coalition, paving the way for collaboration and innovation in the chemical industry.

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Transformative Synergies:

A Journey to Net-Zero in the Chemical Industry

This session, building on the work of the newly launched Global Impact Coalition, brought together experts, thought leaders, and practitioners from the chemical industry and beyond

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Net-zero chemicals industry initiative relaunches as the Global Impact Coalition

GIC | 5 mins to read

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Global Chemical Companies Sign Agreement on R&D Hub

for Plastic Waste Processing Incubated by World Economic Forum

Global Collaboration | 10 mins to read

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Towards a Net-Zero Chemical Industry

A Global Policy Landscape for Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies

GIC Initiative | 30 mins to read

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Global Chemical Companies Collaborate in Pivotal Move to Net-Zero

World Economic forum | 3 mins to read

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Towards Net-Zero Emissions Policy priorities

for deployment of low-carbon emitting technologies in the chemical industry

GIC Initiative | 20 mins to read

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