The chemical industry is responsible for 6% of global annual greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that would rank it as the 5th largest emitter if it were a country.

To reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, we launched the first CEO-led chemical industry coalition. Our primary focus is on accelerating the development and upscaling of low-carbon emitting technologies in chemical production and related value chains.


The chemical industry affects most other industries, with more than 95% of all manufactured goods being touched by chemical products


On a global basis, the chemical sector consumes 14% of all oil and 8% of all gas supply as feedstock and fuel and is therefore one of the largest consumers of fossil carbon supply for material use


The industry will need to cut its annual GHG emissions by 186 million tons over the next 30 years.

Powering global activity, the chemical sector, through the Global Impact Coalition, innovates and collaborates for impactful change. United, we fast-track low-carbon technologies and forge a swift path to carbon neutrality.

Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh

Chief Executive Officer of SABIC, and Global Impact Coalition Co-Chair

The transformation towards climate neutrality is a must. Therefore, we invest in concrete measures to achieve the climate targets. We collaborate in the global impact coalition to jointly accelerate breakthrough technologies. We join forces to tackle critical technology challenges that cannot be tackled by a single company alone. Sharing technology and business risks in innovative ways is key to mastering this challenge successfully.

Martin Brudermüller

Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF, and Global Impact Coalition Chair

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Become a member

Joining offers the following advantages

Capitalize on established trust

Take advantage of four years of meaningful cross-industry collaboration that have built a solid network and a clear understanding of each members’ roles and contributions.

Broaden your reach and capabilities

Use the Coalition platform to identify and develop new targeted projects to achieve more integrated value chains, while simultaneously expanding connections beyond the chemical industry

Boost the efficiency of your investments

Gain access to collaborative opportunities that can amplify the success and impact of your company’s sustainability initiatives, thereby contributing to more effective emission reductions.

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