Using Chemistry to Create Net-Zero Value Chains: The Global Impact Coalition (GIC) Enables the Co-Creation of Net-Zero and Circular New Business Models

In this interview, Charlie Tan, CEO of the Global Impact Coalition (GIC), explains the initiative’s scope and describes some key activities.

First established in 2019 within the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies (LCET) initiative, the CEO-led Global Impact Coalition (GIC) was officially launched as an independent entity by seven global chemical companies in November 2023. Focused on reducing carbon emissions and advancing circularity in the chemical industry, the GIC provides a platform to co-create new business models, develop proof-of-concept pilots, and scale-up new technologies. One such project is the recently launched R&D Hub, aimed at advancing new plastic recycling methods. In an interview with CHEManager, Charlie Tan, CEO of GIC, explains the ambitions and activities of the organization.

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