CEO Advisory Board

Our CEO Advisory Board oversees and supports the strategic direction of our joint activities.
Markus Kamieth


Ilham Kadri


Conrad Keijzer


Markus Steilemann


Jim Seward


Manabu Chikumoto

Mitsubishi Chemicals

Cenk Alper

Sabanci Holding

Ernesto Occhiello


Our Executive Committee

Each member has a representative on the Executive Committee, which meets regularly to align on the strategic direction and identify new opportunities for collaboration.
  • Chairman: Richard Haldimann
    Chief Technology &
    Sustainability Officer, Clariant
  • Lars Kissau
    President Net Zero Accelerator
  • Fahad Al-Sherehy
    VP Corporate Sustainability
  • Torsten Heinemann
    Head of Group Innovation
    & Sustainability, Covestro
  • Fiona Van Den Brink
    Director Innovation Platforms
  • Pascal Metivier,
    EVP, Science & Technology
    Director, Syensqo
  • Boudewijn De Loose
    Chief Business Development
    Officer, Kordsa (Sabanci Holding)
  • Noriyuki Mita
    Vice President, Chief
    Sustainability Officer
    Mitsubishi Chemical Group

Our partners along the value chain

Our partners are critical to helping the Global Impact Coalition achieve our mission. They support on innovation, technology and advisory services, as well as expanding our network and reach. In return, partners get access to our leading global membership base, joining our platform for cross-industry collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Interested in
becoming a member
or partner?

We offer several options to join our network as either a
member or partner.

Benefits of joining

Capitalize on established trust:

Take advantage of four years of meaningful cross-industry collaboration with a solid network and a clear understanding of members’ roles and contributions.

Broaden your reach and advance sustainability actions:

Gain access to collaborative opportunities to identify and develop new projects across the value chain to achieve more effective emissions reductions and increase circularity. Boost your resources to amplify the positive impact of your initiatives.

Participate in the broader GIC community:

A solid existing legal and regulatory framework provides a safe space for open dialogue, encourages collaboration, and promotes co-development of innovation.